Arbitrary Flights of Fancy

A look inside my head

About Me

My name is Aimee.  I’m a mother, wife, teacher, pianist, and on-and-off writer.  I’ve been married to Hubby for 24 years, most of them wonderful and glorious, all of them solidly good.  For some unknown reason, he’s still hopelessly in love with me and is my number one fan.  We have two amazing sons, Man Child and Monkey Boy.  Yes, Monkey Boy is really what we call him most of the time.  It’s a name he developed as a toddler and it stuck.  Man Child is almost 21 and is embarking out on life.  It’s really fun to watch 🙂  Monkey is turning 18 as we speak and is content to play Call of Duty all day long and spectate on life.  He’ll get there, I’m sure of it!!


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