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Conversations with kids…A Vegetarian Christmas

Actual conversation I held today with several 5th graders:

Kid #1: “So, you’re a vegetarian, right?”
Me:  “Yes.  And what does this have to do with the reading lesson?”

Kid #1:  “Well, so you don’t celebrate Christmas then.”
Me:  “Being a vegetarian doesn’t have anything to do with Christmas.  It just means I won’t be eating ham for Christmas.”

Kid #2:  “I know a guy who doesn’t even celebrate Christmas.  Does that mean he’s a vegetarian too?”
Me (Still wondering what happened to my lovely reading lesson): “Lots of people don’t celebrate Christmas.  And again, vegetarian just means you don’t eat meat.  Nothing to do with Christmas, guys.”

I'm guessing this is what he thinks my tree looks like.

Yes, Virginia, there IS a vegetarian Santa Claus.

Kid #1:  “Then why wouldn’t the guy celebrate Christmas?”
Me:  “Well, it might be his religion.  There are several religions that don’t celebrate Christmas.  Jewish people, Muslim people, for instance.”

Kid #3:  “Jewish people’s Christmas is Hanukkah.  What’s Muslim Christmas called?”
Me:  “Hanukkah is not the same thing as Christmas.  Muslims don’t celebrate Christmas either.  But they have lots of holidays that they do celebrate.  I don’t really know much about the Muslim faith.”

Kid #2:  “So, you wouldn’t eat chitlins then?”
Me:  “No”

Kid #4 decides to jump in:  “So there’s lots of Gods, then, is that what you’re saying?  The Jewish God, the Muslim God, and the Regular God, right?”
Me (Shaking my head and trying to imagine the phone calls I’m going to get tonight from angry parents of all religions):  “Well, you’re talking about the Christian God, not the ‘regular’ God.  Christianity is one religion.  There are many different religions in the world and they all believe different things.”

Kid #1 (He who started all this goes in for the kill):  “Then who’s the real God?”
Me (I’m not going there, kid.  I know better!):  “Let’s get back to our story…” (A teacher can hope, can’t she?)

Kid #2, after a long thoughtful pause:  “Is God a vegetarian?”

I love these kids!



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