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Yes, I’m being a total copy-cat this week! Yesterday, I copied a topic from BluntsBookBlog, and today I’m copying a topic once again. It’s far too late and I’ve been far too busy and frustrated today for too much in the way of original thought. Sorry, guys!

Today’s topic is stolen flagrantly borrowed gratefully from The Curious Alouette.  Alouette has a unique and lovely blog that is sometimes in English, sometimes in French, and sometimes in both!  It’s fun to test my extraordinarily rusty high school French on her posts.  I try desperately not to rush over to Google Translate.  Sometimes I succeed, sometimes not.

Anyway, the other day she posted about her favorite words, both in English and French.  As writers, words are our passion.  I love to wrap my pen around the perfect word.  I savor interesting words when I find them in a novel.  They’re hidden treasures that make the story so much more engaging.

As a teacher, I am a big fan of The Daily 5.  (In a nutshell, it’s a way to structure your reading instruction.  If you’re a teacher, you should totally be using this!  Just saying.)  One of my favorite things that they advocate is building your students’ vocabulary by “tuning in to interesting words”.  This is so entertaining to do with kids.  Whenever you’re reading to them, they will pop up and say “Flabbergasted!!!  Mrs. S., that’s a REALLY interesting word!”  And then we add it to our list of really cool words.

So, I thought I would share my favorite words with you tonight.  Some of them at least…the list would be way too long for a blog, and it grows every time I pick up a book.

Flabbergasted:  Yes, I used it already, but it is a way-cool word.  Flabber?  What’s that?  And how do you gast it?????  It’s a perfect word for when you are perplexed, exasperated, and just cannot believe the nonsense that is going on around you.  You know, like when you’re surrounded by little people all day long!!

Brandished:  No, the pirate didn’t take out a sword…he “brandished” it wildly.  It’s so descriptive.  I picture swashbucklers jumping on riggings of ships.  Ahhhhh….Captain Jack Sparrow….but I digress 🙂

Jack Sparrow

photo credit: Stuck in Customs via photopin cc

Ubiquitous:  I had a piano teacher who used this word ALL the time.  You wouldn’t think it would come up so often, in so many contexts…it was…ubiquitous, I guess!  Maybe I just like words with Qs in them.  Who knows?

Succulent:  can you just taste the juices running down your chin as you bite into a luscious summer peach?

Pumpernickel:  Mr. One Woman (should I call him One Man??) chimed in with this one.  He says he doesn’t like the taste, but the word is really fun.

Grace:  Some words are favorites because they are fun to roll around your mouth.  Others are favorites due to their simple perfection.  Grace.  There is nothing like it.  The word invokes serenity, calmness, undeserved forgiveness.  One beautiful syllable.  It’s just lovely as it is.

I could go on forever.  I would be derelict in my homage to Alouette if I didn’t include my favorite French word…”pamplemousse”.  Yes, it’s a French 1 word for grapefruit.  But say it a few times.  It’s just adorable.

What are your favorite words?


5 comments on “Favorite Words

  1. thecuriousalouette
    November 19, 2013

    Great choices of words 🙂 And thank you for the promo. I’m glad you enjoy my work.

    • Aimee
      November 19, 2013

      My son spent a semester in France, so there’s always a lot of French being bandied about at chez One Woman. He speaks it beautifully, fluently. I am clumsy and say “How do you say that?” a lot. But it’s a beautiful language. Thanks for visiting!

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  3. Aimee
    November 21, 2013

    Had to add these…I read them today: “flagrant flummery” and “tedious twaddle” 🙂

  4. jetsonpaul
    February 15, 2014

    Seen this? – Totally genius!

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