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Unexpected Pleasures…

I was driving home late on a Friday evening after quite a long and exhausting week of work.  I teach in a very low income school district, working with the neediest of kids…needy in every way imaginable.  It’s wonderful, but tiring work.  I have a rather long commute home, and my mind tends to wander as I drive (probably not the safest of habits, but what can you do?)  I was simultaneously wondering what was for dinner, thinking of the hundreds of chores that needed to be done over the weekend, and mentally disparaging various political leaders whose policies have made my job intolerable of late.  I was also pondering some of life’s greatest mysteries–you know, deep philosophical things such as “Why in the world do they call it a grapefruit??  It isn’t at all like a grape!”  And, November’s greatest mystery–“What the hell can I blog about today?????”

With this last question in mind, I turned down the road that leads toward my neighborhood.  I glanced up and saw…


  photo credit: sunsurfr via photopin cc

Yes, fireworks.

In November.

It was 35 degrees outside.  We had snow two days ago for heaven’s sake.

They were beautiful in their unexpectedness.  The incongruity of the summer lights against the backdrop of autumn leaves made me smile.

I still don’t know why there were fireworks tonight.  But I’m glad there were.  They changed my mood completely.  And answered at least one of life’s greatest mysteries.


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