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My Peaceful Place…

Yesterday’s post about sharing a quiet cup of tea with a good friend put me in a reflective frame of mind.  My life has been quite hectic lately, full of busy.  My work, which I had hoped would be calmer this year, has been enjoyable but slightly overwhelming.  My home, which should be deathly quiet with the absence of my children, is still full of anxiety.

Writing yesterday made me think of my “happy place”.  I found this place in my mind several years ago when things were very bad for me.  I was very anxious and unhappy.  I needed a vacation more than anything.  And I had a picture in my head.  I knew that if I could find this place and stay there for even a few days I would feel better…rejuvenated.  Ready to take on the world again.  My peaceful place was a combination of real places I had visited in the past and pieces of my own imagination.

Here’s what I pictured.

A cabin on a lake.  Near mountains.  In my vision, it is always morning…dawn.  It is a bit crisp, but not cold.  I am wrapped in a comforter, sitting on a deck of this cabin, staring out at the mist-covered lake.  The sky is an icy blue-gray and the sun is low in the sky.  As you might guess, I am sipping a hot mug of tea.  Holding onto the mug spreads warmth through my chilly hands.  I blow on the tea and take a sip.

There is no one else around in this vision.  Birds come and go, landing on the water.  There is a crane standing patiently on one leg.  It doesn’t notice me.  In my vision, I am usually sitting outside to write.  I put down the tea, listen to the sounds of the wildlife around me, and write in my journal.  It is the perfect way to begin the day.

That is what I pictured.  Here is what I found.


It was pretty close to perfection.  This is what I picture in my head whenever I need a calm space.  I hope to one day find that exact cabin from my head, settle down there, and retire.  Maybe I will write the great American novel in my old age.

Where is your peaceful place?


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