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NaBloPoMo…what the hell?

Well, it’s November again.  Last year I valiantly attempted NaNoWriMo.  That’s “National Novel Writing Month” for those of you are not in the know.  I failed fairly spectacularly.  The goal is to write 50,000 words in one month.  I started out really well, but only made it to 10,000.  I actually felt pretty darn good about what I had written, but I am just not that prolific and my attention wanders far too freely to make such a ridiculous deadline.  But, a good time was had by all nonetheless.  Hubby got into the action (he is a total non-writer) and started his own story.  I got a good start on what will probably turn into a short story rather than a novel.  And I felt very writerly.

This year, I did not even consider the NaNoWriMo goal.  It just isn’t going to happen this year.  But, I found this other thing (new to me…probably not to all of you seasoned bloggers).



This, I might be able to do!!  (That’s National Blog Posting Month, if you are a newb like me).  Now, I have two blogs so I may bounce back and forth between the two.  But I think I can pull off this blog post a day thing, at least for a month.  Come find out with me!  I tend to have at least one lucid thought per day.  Why not write it down and put it out there for all to see.

NaBloPoMo…it sounds like some kind of disease, but what the hell?  Let’s do it 🙂


2 comments on “NaBloPoMo…what the hell?

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  2. Alaska Girl at Heart
    November 2, 2013

    Good luck!!! You can definitely do it.

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